July 3, 2009

Water and more...

The heat has been almost unbearable in Denmark the past few days, and I cannot recall that I’ve been drinking this much water ever before. Hopefully the happy people attending this year’s Roskilde Festival are following my example and drink lots of water and not just beers. Beers are good and pretty fucking close to being the most essential fluid on the planet. Except on warm days like these where it’s dethroned by water on the top of that list of essentials. The last time I attended a festival (this one back in 1995) I had the greatest Thursday drinking (lots and lots of) beers in the sun, but paid the price and spent the entire Friday in the tent totally hung-over and dehydrated, which meant I was too exhausted to stay up to see Bon Jovi! Hang on! 14 years later I suddenly realize that this wasn’t the biggest sacrifice after all...

Stick around for more ramblings, tunes, news, mailbox findings etc...

Did you remember to download the Rikers EP I mentioned earlier today? It's awesome!

The William Blakes has announced that the band will be playing a couple of live dates at this year's Pop Montreal Festival. This has to be one of the most interesting new constellations (in this case prefer this term rather than "bands") coming out of Denmark the past few years and hopefully they'll be well received by the Canadians. I’m rather confident that the band's music, which I've previously described as something like "Arcade Fire meets Talking Heads", will appeal to the North Americans. Plans are that the trip should include one or more Toronto dates as well. So if I have any Canadian readers; go see them!
+ Violent God
+ Running Up That Hill (Kath Bush cover with Spleen United)

Paul Rijnders of Anything Box shares his remix of the track The Breakaway, which happens to be a song recorded by his own solo project Goodbye July.
+ The Breakaway (Kult Litre Remix)

I've just started to read a few promo mails and listen to some songs. There's plenty to choose from!

Here's something quite interesting. Liverpoolian trio Bagheera has sent out their promo mail to a large number of music blogs (remember to always use bcc), thus securing that it will be considered spam by most mail hosts. I always take a quick look at the spam mails before deleting, and somehow this caught my eyes. The band itself believes that their music will appeal to fans of Grizzly Bear and Yeasayer, but since (shame on me) I'm not all that familiar with either band, I cannot really say whether that's true or not. But the band's 4 track EP Hollow Home is really interesting and quite challenging, and definitely something I need to take further look at, sometime soon!
+ Old Machine

Have forgotten to mention that Boxstr.com seems to (finally) be working fine again! Getting a little value for my hard earned money!

The single Back Out On the Streets (Savages) by Americans The Armed Forces does sound somewhat like The Cars, so despite being infectiously catchy, it can hardly be labeled as highly original. But the band's album release strategy is definitely quite unlike something I've seen before!
Back Out On the Streets (Savages)

I've just downloaded the Liechtenstein debut album Survival Strategies In A Modern World and have found out that it's not even 23 minutes long? Blink and you'll miss it, but wouldn't be surprised if it's f*cking fabulous! Listening and yup! This is good stuff!
+ Roses in the Park

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Danielle said...

liechstenstein er fabelagtige!

jeg var så heldig at se dem på hamburg pop weekender, hvor jeg også så forsangerinden's sideprojekt som hedder compute, som er heeelt fantastisk! det minder lidt om kraftwerk og the knife.. tjek myspace.