July 6, 2009


I’ve never been the sharpest tool in the shed or the fastest one out of the blocks. I’m certain that several older posts will reveal that I’ve “discovered” things long after it was discovered by just about everyone else. The most recent example is Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which I’ve passed over again and again, primarily because of the massive hype surrounding Karen O and her two compatriots. But the past weekend the band played at Roskilde Festival, and since numerous people (including various radio hosts) were literally going crazy while looking forward to the concert, I thought “what the heck”; let’s check it out. So I grabbed It’s Blitz from the pile of CD’s (you know; I did actually buy it a long time ago, but just never really listened to it) back home, and through the first 3 listens so far today it’s been a surprisingly positive and refreshing experience. Actually it’s been such an uplifting experience that I decided to order the band’s to other albums as well. And just to keep my credit card busy, I ordered the Florence And The Machine debut album too, in a weak attempt to (hopefully) keep myself somewhat up-to-date, by giving this over(?)-hyped name a listen, before it becomes old news.

Speaking of Roskilde. The reviews of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart concert at the Festival weren’t positive at all, giving the band 2 respectively 3 stars out 6. I hope they fix whatever was wrong, before the concert at Vega on 2 August.

It does seem like Jonas didn’t go see TPOBPAH after all, despite all my recommendations. Apparently the Elbow concert blew him away completely and drained him for whatever little energy he had left. But “luckily” it seems like he didn’t miss out on something fantastic anyway!

A New Order tribute album called Ceremony, where proceedings from the sales will benefit the Salford Foundation Trust’s Tony Wilson Award, will be out some time this fall on independent label 24 Hour Service Station. The album will include 2 discs with cover versions of several New Order classics plus a third disc dedicated to various cover versions of the band’s first single Ceremony. Two sample tracks are now free to download, and one can only dream that the rest will be equally great! And to keep the Roskilde string alive; I saw none other than New Order performing live at Roskilde in 1984(!).
+ POCKET feat. Shaun Robinson & Tracy Shedd - Sub-Culture
+ Kites With Lights - Dream Attack

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