December 16, 2009


Drought might not be the best word to use today, as snow is, if not pouring then at least, falling in large enough quantities to make roads and pavements both slippery and slushy. However from a blogging point of view, it certainly is more than fair to use the term, as the flow of interesting news seems to have dried up completely. And this despite getting 50+ promo mails and reading lots and lots of tweets and Myspace updates every day, but apparently my favorite bands and labels have decided that 2009 is over and instead sit back and wait for 2010 to kick off? So today I’ve come to the only obvious conclusion (still it took me hours to come up with) that it's time to be proactive rather than reactive and give some of the new artists introduced to me everyday a listen and that way (hopefully) find a couple of new favorite ones?

Sometimes a little whining is all it takes and just moments after posting the above, I had one of those experiences, I wish would occur every day, as I was swept off my feet completely by this track (randomly picked from the inbox). The Bailing is a gorgeously beautiful (electro-indie-rock-somewhat-shoegazy) song, which immediately took me on a dreamy trip well above the clouds, where I’ve been floating around ever since! Back on earth Inu is a trio from the US west cost consisting of experienced and rather diverse musicians (check out their rather comprehensive CV’s), who have just recently finished recording a debut EP named Monster (“available for download at the price of your choice”). A debut album, videos, live shows etc. will follow in 2010.
+ The Bailing

More from the promo pile;

Every time this happens I cannot help thinking of it as a joke, because why is it that when an album is released in Denmark (by a Danish artist) it's virtually impossible getting a single promo track to post? But as soon as the album is about to be released abroad (in the US especially) the promo mails start arriving. The most recent example is the US release of the Oh No Ono album Eggs that will be out January 26 next year on Friendly Fire Recordings.
+ Helplessly Young

Swedish label Nomethod is giving away the new singles by Mixtapes & Cellmates and Aerial. Excellent stuff as always!!
+ Mixtapes & Cellmates - Soft Eyes
+ Aerial - Velvet Light Trap