April 13, 2010

Copenhagen Popfest...

The "official guide to" Copenhagen Popfest has been posted! See you on Friday?

Now that's a lovely new poster for the Popfest! Inspired by this classic. Guess this means that the lineup is set?

Tickets are still available from Billetlugen! Somewhat surprising that it's not sold out by now!

As previously mentioned a new festival named Copenhagen Popfest will take place at Råhuset in (you’ve probably guessed it) Copenhagen from April 16 to April 18. Finally some details have been revealed to the world as the first three bands were announced yesterday (January 20) and another three added today. As suggested by the inclusion of the term “Popfest” in the festival name, the indie pop acts will of course be dominating the line-up, which I suspect will be a highly intriguing one. As per today (January 21) it looks like this and whenever new names are announced (or any other relevant information) the post will be updated and bumped to the top of the page.
+ Rose Elinor DougallStart/Stop/Synchro
+ The Electric Pop GroupNot By Another
+ The Boombox Hearts - Everything
+ Northern PortraitNew Favourite Moment
+ Pocketbooks - Footsteps
+ Leaving Mornington Crescent - April Song

Next batch of bands added January 25!
+ Ampel - Stop The Bleeding Girl
+ Cats on Fire - Horoscope
+ Horowitz - Popkids of the World Unite!

One more band added February 1.
+ Liechtenstein - Roses in the Park

And two more added yesterday (February 3). Still awaiting ticket information. The Facebook group is growing (currently stands at 383 members).
+ Compute - I Thought One Kiss Couldn't Do Any Harm
+ NoMoreHeroes - Troubled Boy

Still no ticket information available, but some news on hours and after party DJ's has been posted. Another three names were announced yesterday (February 9), though the last name of the three will only play one song at the after party Sunday evening.
+ Labrador
+ Iiris Viljanen - Bloodline Together
+ Johan Hedberg - Galeria

New names keep being added and yesterday's trio put the biggest smile on my face.
+ Tellus About The Moon - Nomore
+ Death Valley Sleepers - Black Pearl
+ Roadside Poppies - Just Another Love Song

One name has yet to be published from the official Popfest blog, but since the band is listed on the poster, I assume it's ok to include it here?
+ Greg Webster - Promised Land


Søren said...

Endelig en festival i KBH som fokuserer på indie poppen. Håber sindsygt meget, at jeg får mulighed for at komme. Har rigtigt længe ønsket at se Cats On Fire. Håber at folk bakker op, så det bliver en succes

besu said...

Hey, entering music is great!