January 6, 2010


Wasn’t able to keep my promise and post something yesterday, as we had a server breakdown at work. Therefore I couldn’t access any files and since all my music files are stored there, I was handcuffed. But since I couldn’t access any work files either, the situation was bearable.

I’m currently giving the song of Irish indie rock 5 piece Elspeth some good listens. Lots of potential and the influences ranging from Jeff Buckley over Radiohead to Manic Street Preachers really shines through. Definitely have to keep an eye out for this band. 6 songs are free to download at Soundcloud.
+ Old Age

In late December The William Blakes frontman Kristian Leth wrote at his Facebook profile that he was going to celebrate New Year’s in Sweden as well as record a new The William Blakes album while being there. Unable to find any official information on this, but knowing the band’s rapid work pace, a new release is probably no more than a few months away? Admittedly this belongs to the category “rumors”, but since it “came directly from the horse’s mouth” there has to be some truth to it?
+ Violent God
+ Like a Dream

Have you streamed the 4 new tracks by Sambassadeur? Pretty good ones, but compared to the band’s own standards they are somewhat underwhelming. First single Days of the forthcoming album European is certainly the best of the bunch.
+ Days

Check the track Loved-Up by Korallreven posted by the Shelfllife blog. Besides being a real fine track, I do think it’s quite interesting that the project includes one (or two?) member(s) of The Radio Dept.

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