April 29, 2010

From the mailbox...

The laziness continues and this is another post with very little content. But I seriously need to clean out the mailbox (+2,600 mails in the inbox) and that’s exactly what I plan to do today. Interesting stuff will be posted, so check back for updates.

+ Sensual Harassment - Fever
Irresistible uptempo new-wave inspired pop tune that will (or least ought to) fill the dance floors everywhere!

Of course - don't forget to download the new track Lights by Interpol. Though it can hardly be called one of the band's more interesting outputs!

+ Simian Ghost - Star Receiver
Nice debut single from this electric pop project fronted by Sebastian of Aerial.

+ Virgo Rising - Upon a Kiss
Shoegaze band recommended by J.A.

As always some of the stuff is so ridiculously bad that I completely fail to understand why it is promoted...

Not exactly from the mailbox, but I just learned the tung_nem will be playing at this year's Start! Festival. And just like that the Festival became a lot more interesting!
+ New Perfection

More later…???

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