September 30, 2010

A cold wind (Piteraq)...

According to Wikipedia, Piteraq is a “cold Katabatic wind which originates on the Greenlandic icecap and sweeps down to the east coast”. Especially occurring around Tasiilaq or Ammasalik / Angmagssalik as it’s called in Danish. What on earth has happened to this blog you probably ask yourself? You came here for music and instead you’re getting a lecture (though quite a brief one I admit) in meteorology. Oh well! Thought this would be the perfect way to introduce the beautiful solo track Piteraq (20 Blaa Celcius) by Entakt frontman Jonas Villumsen, because I wasn’t sure whether any of you knew what a Piteraq actually was? Maybe I was completely mistaken, but I happily admit that didn’t know what it was, so I thought I’d share my newly acquired knowledge (doesn’t happen very often, so seize the moment)!!

Piteraq was the first track published from Mr. Villumsen’s ongoing solo project, which (for now at least) seems to have the working title 3913 (the postal code of Tasiilaq). However the solo recordings doesn’t mean that Entakt has been put to rest, as a pre-mix of a new track was made available for streaming yesterday (either from the band’s new webpage or below if you happen to be a lazy sod). The new track has cunningly (?) been named Klubben i Angmagssalik, which sort of ties it all together.

But the Greenlandic connection aside, the songs bear very little or no resemblance to each other. Not going into any details, as I think you should listen and judge for yourself, but it always a pleasure, when artists choose different musical paths for their solo projects rather than make a version 2.0 of the band.
+ Piteraq (20 Blaa Celcius)

Klubben I Angmagssalik præ-mix by Entakt

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