February 22, 2012


I’ve probably written this a billion times before (give and take a few), but nonetheless I still feel that it’s relevant to repeat it from time to time. To all you friendly people sending mails suggesting I should check out this, that or something else; I’m truly sorry if you never get any reply or even better see the stuff featured around here. But time is a limited resource and although I do my best actually giving what’s sent my way a listen, it’s still only a minor part of the whole thing. As it should be painfully obvious to anyone, who’s accidentally tried to read one of my posts, English is not my first language. Heck; I was pretty horrible at it in school and to me grammar was always a complete waste of time. So believe it or not; every fucking post I’ve ever written took pretty close to forever to write. It may not look as if they did, but trust me! They did! So every time I start feel like writing a post I immediately start thinking of the grammar and spell checks, googling for phrases, finding synonyms etc. Needless to say quite a few blog posts have ended up never seeing the light of day, because I really didn’t have energy for another English lesson. And though I often post songs or videos accompanied by only a few lines, there also happen to be days, where I think posts like that are too pathetic to post. I’m just rambling here and probably should get to the point...problem is: there is not point really. So I’ll just shut the fuck up for now and post some of the stuff that’s on my to-do-list to hopefully ease my conscience a little...

Extinctions, the new album by Burning Hearts, was released yesterday. It's an absolute beauty so please, please, please give it a listen!
+ Burn Burn Burn

What seems like ages ago, I labeled The Papertiger Sound as "one of the best unsigned bands in the world". As far as I can tell they remain unsigned, but luckily they are still around recording music and continue giving it away for free. New EP Call Home is free to download via bandcamp and older releases can be grabbed from the band's homepage.
+ Safe Inside

Embarassing has to be the word. Three weeks ago I mailed Datawaslost and requested a download copy of the North College Hill album by The Minor Leagues. They gladly (and quickly) mailed it and I showed my gratitude by...doing absolutely nothing! Stupid...for a number of resaons. If I want labels to mail me albums, it's probably a mighty fine idea writing a few words! But more importantly the album contains some pretty damn good pop songs and how will my two readers know that unless I tell them (they probably knew already)?
+ Please Don't Throw My Love Away

Danish band Forgotten Fields On Fire is now called Jetsi Kain. Not really sure why, but as long as they keep writing charming pop songs, I really couldn't care less. New track I'm In Control was produced by the same lads, who produced the track by The Electic Moniker I posted not so long ago and does have a little of the same Caribbean feel to it (more reggae than calypso though)...
+ I'm In Control

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