October 31, 2013


Vote for the best Danish album ever (or so they say).

Apparently Club 8 is big in Japan Indonesia.

Sorry, but I'm not going to accept your invitation to connect on Linkedin.

Finished watching the first season of Orange Is the New Black last night, so now what?

Going to stream the new album Adagio by 4 Guys From The Future today and I expect it to be awesome!

Streamed the new Arcade Fire yesterday and was slightly disappointed not to be blown away.

Will give it more tries though.

Sort of bended the unwritten rules of this post, by posting that second line on Arcade Fire.

The jangling new track by The Electric Pop Group from the A Sunday Matinée compilation is now up for streaming.

And the equally jangling track from Pale Sunday is up there as well.

This new video (and song) from Danish electro-pop trio Odd Collection is pretty cool.


pplist said...

Here’s what's next, my friend (after Mad Men, I guess). I'll have to check out OITNB.

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