November 8, 2013

Perfect heartache, mad men and girls...!

A new song from Finns Delay Trees has hit the interweb and Perfect Heartache is a simply wonderful guitarpop tune. So it's just plain business as usual I guess?

I'm 6 years late I know, but after being tuned in on TV series by Orange Is the New Black (all hail Netflix) I've finally started watching Mad Men. 5 episodes in I do find it highly entertaining, though it's not quite what I expected, as I thought there would be more advertising/business content and less domestic problems and dealing with ghosts of the past.

The new track from UK quartet Hush! is quite a monster, running for more than 9 minutes. Building my expectations on the band's debut, the instant pop charmer and very 80'ies inspired There's Something in the Stars Tonight, but with Girls the band surprisingly heads in a completely different direction sounding grand, darker, more complex and flirting quite heavily with the shoegaze genre. Perhaps not an immediate winner, but definitely a grower!

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Parklife said...

Both songs are really great!