September 15, 2006

Charlie, Don't Surf - Contest

The 5-track debut EP How Turkey Turned Into Being A Monster by Danish indie pop band Charlie, Don't Surf has been released and can be ordered at the band's (new and great looking) wepage for the bargain price of €8 or DKK50. If you for some reason believe that paying €8 for 5 bloody fantastic pop songs is more than your economy can handle, I instead suggest that you try to win it, as I have two extra copies to give away.

If you like to enter this small contest, all you have to do is sending me an e-mail, in which you write the name of the drummer in Charlie Don't Surf.

I'll (randomly; of course) pick the winners next Friday; September 22.

Below you can download one of the tracks of the EP, if you still need to be reminded, why you simply must buy (or win) that EP!
+ Breakthrough

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