September 18, 2006

Monday, Monday, Monday...

Remember to enter the Charlie Don't Surf contest and you might win "the best cd you’ll ever get!" (quote)
+ Right/Wrong

Kind Of Girl is announcing a few concert dates in October/November. Don't miss the opportunity to see them live!!
+ Watch In Wonder

Torr is surprised to learn that Kent released The Hjärta & Smärta EP in October last year. Since it won't be released in the US, he offers all 5 tracks of the EP as free downloads.

Peter is back from his trip to Denmark. Read his report right here, if you understand German.

In the mailbox this morning I found these two nice ones from NY powerpop band Bridges and Powerlines. Seems like every second new band these days are listing Interpol among their influences. Nothing wrong with that though!
+ Carmen
+ Mumbles

Mew's debut album A Triumph For Man is re-released today. To "celebrate" that I've re-posted two tracks from Half The World Is Watching Me, which hopefully will be re-released soon?
+ King Christian
+ Mica


Anonymous said...

Thrid new band these days are listing Interpol among their influences is CATPEOPLE (Spanish band). Very good band!!!
"Radio" song is a brilliant track!! You can see video and listen this band in myspace.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing all this great music. Do you know where "Triumph of Man" is available for purchase online?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, make that "for" Man.

Tinkerbell said...

I think the Charlie... CD is fast becoming one of my favourite of the year. I guess it helped that mine came in an envelope with a heart drawn on it (which cheered me and my icky foot up no end upon my return to the grotty UK)