September 6, 2006

Polar Demons for a Penny???

The 6 track demo EP Hum Speed On/Off by Demons Are Real arrived in the mailbox the other day. This Danish Joy Division/New Order quartet is absolutely ace and I seriously believe that the band will be signed by a record label very soon!
+ Copy On The Board
+ Together We Rot

Wonderful Swedish Indie pop band Penny Century has uploaded 3 new tracks to Myspace. This is happy and cheerful pop music that should please fans of Belle & Sebastian.
+ Lost At Sea
+ Summer Outside
+ Graduation

Peter posted 2 fabulous indie rock tracks yesterday by Canadian quartet Polar Eyes. Unfortunately not much info is given, but it doesn't look as if any demos, ep's etc. are available.
+ Wait
+ Hey Mary

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Penny Century is fucken great I tell ya!