September 2, 2006

Rodolfo's Myspace Compilation

Frequent contributor Rodolfo had a little time on his hands and made this great (and at times very interesting) compilation of free tracks found at Myspace.

1. The Alones - Silver (this band seems to be growing into a blogger favorite)
2. Kid Captain - The end is hard to swallow
3. Hayze - Lost myself again (this is one great band!)
4. Protocol - Sorry
5. The Bright Space - Wrongstar
6. Right On Dynamite - Pull the wool
7. Ultranoir - Petals
8. Shake My Hand (formerly Yossarian) - Invincible
9. Performance - Live a little rave
10. My Passion - Make me butterfly
11. Dulcesky - Half moon (don't miss this one!)
12. Francis 7 - I can't feel my heart
13. The Sound Movement - This summer in black
14. The Frank and Walters - Colours


Parklife said...

Hey, DulceSky is EXTREMELY good stuff! Think I have to order the CD right away...

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the love Rodolfo! We are flattered:) -Francis 7

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks so much for your support! Hayze will rule the world one day....