September 4, 2006

Thoughts on the Mew Concert!

I'm frenetically scanning my mind and here are some of my thoughts on the Mew concert Friday evening. Starting with the conclusion; the concert was absolutely brilliant. Anything else would have been a surprise, because as we all know this is certainly one ambitious band. The sound and Jonas' vocals were just excellent and the concert opened (just like on Kites) with Wolf and Chinaberry, which sounded utterly awesome. The only weak (no - not weak, but perhaps more disappointing) track performed live was Apocalypso. That's probably because 3 drummers are needed to create the fabulous sound on the album or? The concert only lasted in the neighborhood of one hour, which was somewhat on the short side. The highlight in my opinion was the performance of 156 (Comforting Sounds just doesn't count, because it's the obvious pick), which also received a lot of positive comments from my two not so Mew familiar mates. I was and still am very positively surprised how popular the band has become. I know you only had to pay the admission fee to Tivoli Gardens, but the place was still a lot more crowded than I thought it would be. This actually meant that we weren't even close to stage, but conveniently close to the beer stand. It's not meant as whining, but why don't they play Mica live (or maybe they do, but not this time?)? It just happens to be one of my all-time favorite songs, so it would be fantastic to see/hear it live. But Jonas did play a mix of Saliva and Panda at the piano, which was a much welcomed surprise. My pic is pretty useless (after all it IS a phone and not a camera), but you can see some really great ones here. Finally I have to add that I really didn't like that they invited the fans (read young screaming girls) onto the stage during the encore! Guys - Mew is not and should never be a boy band! All that said - it still was a great concert in historic surroundings and there is every reason to be depressed if you missed it!
Oh and before we left we tried this one. After all - it is an amusement park!


Chris said...

I am depressed right now... :(

But after all, it's only a boy band! :eek:

Ah, it looks damn good. Wish I'd been there...

Parklife said...

Uh, I'm getting sick just by looking at the picture of this amusment-park-thing... :-)