November 1, 2006

On the radio tonight....Kind of girl

Unless something unforeseen occurs, Peter will play new mixes of two songs by fast rising (and long-time favorites of this blog) Danish band Kind of girl on his radio show "Schallgrenzen" tonight (stream: high - low). And unless something unforeseen occurs (again), I will have the privilege of posting these new mixes in the blog tomorrow for you to download. Until then I suggest that you (re-)listen to the original (and still damn fine) versions.
+ Slave To Your Charms
+ Poetry Boy


Chris said...

And unless something unforeseen occurs, I'll be listening to Peter's show tonight AND download the free tracks from you tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

an reliable source told me it could be three tracks on Schallgrenzen - "Slave..." "Poetry.." "You can´t save me".. i too will be at the listening post and listen closely to the german language.. perhaps he will say it only once?