November 1, 2006

Snow Fell.......

It's snowing. It's cold. It's winter (technically it's still autumn)! Spring is officially 4 months away.........
+ Snow Fell (It's Night)

Despite the poor weather I'm going to Copenhagen tonight to watch the all mighty Manchester United square off against local heroes FC Copenhagen in The UEFA Champions League.

The number of visitors to the blog in October was 276 per day. Up from 258 per day in September (+7%). Still thinking of every possible way to improve the number of hits!

Chris has a great post on the "new" "Recommended" (not by me, but by downloads today are listed below. Quite strange, because I downloaded and played all three songs a long time ago, so they should have been registered to my profile?
+ AmpelKilling the Treemill Guy
+ Swimmer OneCloudbusting/Lovesong
+ The Oxygen PoniesHappy Where U R

To be continued???????????????????

1 comment:

Tinkerbell said...

I' not sure about their new "rating" system...I there's a lot of people I have nothing in common with who apparently have "medium" compatibility with and some I have a lot in common with who I have "low" with... It's got it right in terms of "high" and "super" (the super one comes from someone who I'm constantly swapping music with)but that's about it... :S