November 12, 2006

The Orders

As promised Friday; here's a track from the debut EP by amazing Finnish indie pop band The Orders as well as a short Q & A. A big thank you to Rodolfo, who sent the questions to The Orders and originally introduced me to the band with the words: "This band is a good tip for 2007!" The debut album called Guilt and Confusion will be released in January next year, so it's very likely that he was damn right!

Q) Lets us know your background, and your previous band Dive, and your evolution to The Orders.

A) We started as Dive. Year was 2004. Main influences for my writing and for whole band goes like: Depeche Mode, Joy Division, David lynch, Franz Kafka, The Smiths and The Cure. We've had a few line-up changes, but now we are a four piece and we have an extra synth-player on our gigs. Because of those changes and the reason that those changes took us a huge step a head. We changed our name too. The Orders. I would call our music a dark disco-rock. Songs that makes you dance. Songs that you can cry with. We've released our debut EP, simple called The Orders in june 2006. Debut album titled Guilt And Confusion will follow 12th January 2007. Where It Always Rains took a very good rotation on Finnish main radio stations and so did another track from EP Apart. We are very excited what the whole album will do.

Q) I love the Finnish scene at the moment bands like yours, The Boys of Scandinavia, Ultranoir, Magenta Skycode to name a few are great. Tell me more about it, live music in pubs, clubs, labels, people, and new bands you could recommend etc.

A) I think we have a very good club scene in Helsinki. There many new wave, indie and post punk - clubs around here. Girls are really into dancing and boys - raising their hands!

Q) I went to PIAFF website and is all in Finnish :(, can you tell us about your future album deal and where we should be able to find it, you've already made some demos?

A) PIAAF records site is now in English. And the album is in work. There is a good vibe now and I honestly think that we are releasing a magnificent debut album.

+ Desperation Takes Hold
I've been given permission to post one track of the EP and I could just as easily have picked any of the other 3 songs. They are all that great!


Parklife said...

Did I already mention that I really like this band?? :-)

Unknown said...

Oh yeah - you did ;-) Check your mail tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I like. Sounds alot like I Got You On Tape, though.