January 3, 2008

As promised yesterday...

...another batch of music!

Swedish singer August Landelius has recorded an acoustic cover of the The Floor Is Made Of Lava track Told Her I'm From Compton.
+ Told Her I'm From Compton

Blog favorite Pete White is currently devoting most of his time to the recently formed trio Navaro. The acoustic folk trio has been signed to the label Halo Records and hopefully an album will be released this year. A few lovely demo tracks are yours to grab for free over at Myspace.
+ Orphans

Download the debut single Nettopigen by Starfighters 2007 winner Troels Boberg for free this week from his Myspace profile (as well as a remix of the same track). It's quite popular in Denmark right now and has received plenty of radio airplay. Personally I find it irritating and overrated, but an artist giving a single away for free is always an initiative worth supporting.

Manchester quartet Kni9hts still hold the title as "the best unsigned band in the world", but another UK act that just as easily could be considered for the same "honor", is the shoegaze/dreampop duo The Papertiger Sound. The excellent but (for whatever unbelievable reason) still unreleased album fujipop is free to download from Last.fm.
+ The alpha and the beta

RAC (RemixArtistCollective) has remixed the Tegan and Sara track Back In Your Head. As always his (André) remix is better than the original version.
+ Back In Your Head (RAC mix)

If everything works out as planned - expect another post like this one tomorrow...

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