February 7, 2008

My hands are tied…

My new job is quite nice. It really is. You know! Nice colleagues, great view from the office, the job is challenging without being too stressful etc. Not much to complain about really. Well except for one thing - my computer! It might have some historic value, as I’m certain Churchill used it when he was writing his speeches during the Second World War. But as a workstation in the year 2008, it is completely, totally, utterly and absolutely useless. If I tell you that there is plenty of time for nearly two cups of coffee, before the thing has even started in the morning, you probably get the picture what I’m dealing with.
Now that’s one thing and obviously I’m not very thrilled when unsaved spreadsheets etc. decide to crash at the most inconvenient moment. But from a blogger point of view this so-called computer makes life even worse. It has no speakers and a version of explorer that is so slow and without any applications, which means that it is impossible to watch videos, listen to music etc. And I’m not quite sure that it’s a good idea (just yet) to start installing various programs including Firefox and bringing my own speakers. So if you’re unhappy with the lack of updates, I can assure it’s nothing compared to my ever-growing frustrations.

So there’s definitely a problem that needs to be addressed and I believe these are my options:
1) Quit the new job and get the old one back. I recall that I had plenty of time for blogging there. But there was a reason why I decided to leave, so this one doesn’t sound very appealing to me.
2) Quit the job and start being a full-time blogger. Unlike the above this sounds very appealing. But exactly how will I be able to pay my bills? Just no one click those adds!
3) Be patient and once I’m in-expendable (and in my vanity I believe, I will be just that very soon), I will start whining and get myself a new computer (with speakers etc.).
4) Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I think option 3) is the best.
Be patient!

Chris said...

need a virus for the PC? ;)

well, patience seems to be the best choice (apart from 2), but as you said... money's the big problem there!), so just start to make documents and spreadsheets with lots of big pictures in it. This way, you will fill your harddisk in no time (I assume it's not a very large one...), your computer crashes even more, and with a bit of whining, you should get a new one in no time. If that doesn't work, there's always the good old "I've just spilled my coffee all over the 'puter"-solution! :)

Anonymous said...

Why wait? Start whining now.
Tell them your fans demand it!
We need our updates!!!

Unknown said...

Fans? Wow - I have fans! :)