February 8, 2008

Friday shorties...

My post from yesterday is still valid. Not much has changed, but your comments and suggestions were much appreciated. The "coffee in the computer" trick is still pending though ;-)

The (by some) highly anticipated debut album Where The Storm Meets The Ground by the ever-so pretentious The Storm will be released on Monday. The first couple of reviews indicate that the projected storm has turned into a somewhat short-lived breeze or more sardonically a "storm in a tea cup". Neither Soundvenue (2 out of 6 stars) nor Ekstra Bladet (3 out of 6) were able to hide their disappointment. It's still my plan to buy the album, so I can listen to it and judge it myself.

The "Richard Hawley til Danmark" Facebook group now has a staggering 48 members. However more supporters are still needed, so please join and support this noble cause!

Finally a new "Støj på Frekvensen" post is up. It's a remix edition, so check it out!

It's Friday and time for another Flashback Friday. Check back for the music files later today.

The lovely Danish indie pop band Passtime Poets has uploaded a few songs to Last.fm. This band is just brilliant, so please do give them a decent listen!
+ 69 ML
+ Venice is Dead

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