February 14, 2008


My copy of Downhill, you know that debut EP by Days that everyone has impatiently been waiting for, has finally arrived. The cover art is simply beautiful and to finally being able to play those amazing songs on the stereo is nothing but a sheer pleasure. You can order the EP at Shelflife right here and why shouldn't you want to buy the EP that will dominate everyone's year end lists? Now we are just waiting for the boys to announce their grand world tour (or at least a few concert dates!)!
+ Never Came To Last
+ Simple Thing

Links to 10 different blogs featuring a remix of Loop A Loop are now up at The Crimea's official webpage. Was originally told that 16 blogs would participate, but now it looks more like 10 is the number. In case you missed it yesterday, I'll post The Brute Chorus Remix one more time.
+ Loop A Loop (The Brute Chorus Remix)

The abovementioned Loop A Loop remix project by The Crimea do remind me quite a lot of the equally ambitious All Is Indeed Swell Enough for a Remix project by DAMPFBAHN! last year, where the track All Is Swell was remixed by 9 different artists/dj's etc. With the only exception really being that the Danish duo didn't get various music blogs involved.
+ All Is Swell - Fidel Astro RMX
+ All Is Swell In The Grinding Light - A Kid Hereafter

5 tracks by Death Valley Sleepers are free to download from Last.fm. No further introduction should be needed, as I've featured this excellent Danish one-man project a few times before.
+ In The Valley
+ White Noise

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