August 18, 2008

Feeling better...

though not as great as I hoped I would. But still fine enough to continue the catching up I began last week.

I have a really soft spot for Swedish quartet (one-man project?) Tower of Foil and new freebie single Everlasting is yet another quiet and lovely piano dominated piece. And if you don’t know this already, the entire back catalogue (well almost) is free to download from the band's webpage as well!
+ Everlasting

UK quartet Kni9hts is (in my humble opinion of course) one of the best unsigned bands in the world and new track Abyss does nothing to change my opinion. This is another band giving away the back catalogue for free and one band that should have been signed ages ago!
+ Abyss

Those music playing Playmobil figures calling themselves Play People have recorded a new track and like the ones before it's a infectious little pop tune. And after all it does seem like that there were some truth to those Cloudberry Records rumors I started a while back.
+ Square One

Ola of Moonbabies has produced the excellent new track Istanbul by Emerald Park and at times one can be lead to believe that it's a new track by Moonbabies rather than an Emerald Park track. But does it really matter when it's this great? Free to download as it's featured on the afmusic Various Artists - 25 sampler.
+ Istanbul

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