August 27, 2008

Somewhere in Europe...

First single – Europa – of the forthcoming ENTAKT album is now streamable from the band’s Myspace page. Took me a little while getting into, but the lyrics are brilliant (as always and I feel so sorry for all of you, who don't understand Danish) and the song itself grows for every listen.

Did you remember to visit Music of the Moment yesterday and wish Chris happy 40th birthday?

New track Tonight I’m Cutting by One Weekly Gun was written with fabulous sprinter Usain Bolt in mind.
+ Tonight I’m Cutting

I’m still frustrated about that Larsen & Furious Jane album, but as a small consolation a third track of the album is now free to download at Myspace.
+ Dancing Bear

Kevin from mp3hugger has released a second indiecater compilation. €4.50 for 10 excellent tracks by some uniquely talented artists must be one of the best deals you’ll ever find.
+ Venice is SinkingPulaski Heights

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