September 17, 2008


As some of you may have noticed, I’m testing a new banner. Created by Ryan Kennedy, who used to play drums in Birthday Boys, but is now lead singer in a new project named Rikers. So brand new it is, that the band's webpage has been up for less than 24 hours. His new project does sound a bit like Editors meeting U2 – doesn’t it?
+ Rival Schools

Much talked about Danish duo The Storm are giving away the track The Beauty Of Small Things for free at Myspace. Don’t know for how long it’s been available, so this could very well be last month’s news. Anyway I’m surprised to see the band doing this, but perhaps it should be seen as a marketing response to the album’s lack of success? Good pick by the way, as this is easily the best track of Where The Storm Meets The Ground.
+ The Beauty Of Small Things

This morning it became painfully evident that no one at Danish Radio (P3) reads this blog, as they (once again) aired the annoying Don’t Get Me Wrong by Pretenders. Thought I explained two months ago that the song is utter crap.

The debut album Life After Ridge by Swedish twee/indie pop trio Twig is out today on Plastilina Records.
+ Helen of Troy

I’m still not high on that new moi Caprice track Love At Last Sight. The thing is now streamable at Myspace and apparently the title of the new album will be We Had Faces Then. Crossing everything possible that the album won't let me/us down! UPDATE! According to Gaffa the single will be free to download some time this week at Myspace.

An “The Electrical Barometer” update: Northern Portrait is still sitting firmly at no. 2, while Oliver North Boy Choir dropped 3 spots to no. 6. So please remember to vote!

I’m currently listening a lot to the new fine albums by Marching Band and Choir Of Young Believers. I’m hopeless at writing reviews, but I really ought to write something nice about both of them. On that same list are the new ones by Glasvegas and Noah and the Whale.

The new four-track EP Climbers & Ramblers by Danish indie pop/folk rock 5-piece Green Lives is pretty damn fine. Download the whole thing at or 3 tracks at Myspace.
+ Treetops and Rooftops


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