September 18, 2008


Remember to show up tomorrow night at Rust in Copenhagen to pay farewell to Velour. Supporting act will be indie rock/psychedelic/somewhat 60's inspired quartet Golden Green Tangerine, whom I (after streaming a few tracks) really am looking forward to get acquainted with.
+ American Dreaming

Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones is working on a solo album and so far two pretty fine demos can be stream at Myspace.

Play People released their 2-track debut CD single Oh What A Life on brand new label this almighty pop! yesterday. Costs a whopping £2.50 if you live in Europe – including postage!

Danish Americana/Alternative rock artist Mushi will release his third album End Of Faith come October (releaseparty is scheduled at October 14). Quality track Dusk didn’t make the cut, but is free to download as a small appetizer.
+ Dusk

Sweden’s Dungen is one of those bands that everyone always seems to be raving about, but to be honest I’ve never really bothered checking them out. Promo track Sätt Att Se of the band’s forthcoming album 4 (which apparently is their 5th album!), doesn’t really make me regret that.
+ Sätt Att Se

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Unknown said...

I've never cared much for Dungen either, but the new album is actually pretty good. Easily the best thing they've done so far.