September 9, 2008


As mentioned yesterday my normal filehosts are being blocked by the firewall, and no matter how pissed off I am, there’s exactly nothing I can do about it! So time to test a few alternatives and please let me know if things aren't working properly.

And the track chosen for this very unscientifically experiment is a cover of Ride’s Vapour Trail recorded live by friendly Indonesian indie pop five-piece Sunny Summer Day.
+ Vapour Trail (Ride Cover) (yousendit)
+ Vapour Trail (Ride Cover) (web file host)
+ Vapour Trail (Ride Cover) (yourfilehost)
+ Vapour Trail (Ride Cover)


Chris said...

yousendit works very well, used that one before for bigger files. Never had problems.

webfilehost also works, but is very cluttered... you have to wait for at least 30 seconds before you can download the file (but you can use this time to look for the download link! ;) ).

yourfilehost just crashed my firefox... I'll try again after a re-start!

Chris said...

ok, yourfilehost worked now as well. Direct download without waiting.