September 8, 2008

Monday musings...

Are we in for a disappointment? I certainly hope not, but first single Love at Last Sight from the forthcoming moi Caprice album is, in all honesty, one of the band’s weaker efforts. I love this band to death, but something's just not right here. Stream it via Soundvenue High 5.

It’s exactly 910 days since the first time I featured Kind of girl and today the band’s debut album Lonely in a modern way (buy it – pretty please) is finally released in Denmark. Crossing my fingers that they will get the success they so richly deserve. First review is quite positive.

Time to vote again. Northern Portrait enters Det Elektriske Barometer (“The Electrical Barometer” at no. 2, while Oliver North Boy Choirs drops two spots to no. 3. Puts a smile on ones face knowing that a few people in Denmark do listen to great music!

Sarah Palin is the topic of this week’s track by One Weekly Gun.
+ Pro-Fight

Blue Swan continues recording and giving away new songs. Freudian Dream sounds exactly as something my old heroes Cause and Effect could have recorded. In case you're wondering, this is meant to be a compliment!
+ Freudian Dream

Been forced to switch filehost as the ones I normally use are being blocked by the firewall. Bandwidth of the new host is limited, so error messages will occur.

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Chris said...

hmmm.. I kinda like that new Moi Caprice one. No disappointment here so far! :)