July 10, 2009

It's that time of year again...

So for the next two weeks I’ll be nowhere near a computer. This means no blog updates, no emails read or written, no concert tickets purchased and no new music discovered. So this will be the last batch of news, music etc. for a while.

Castello, better known as the frontman of The Holiday Show, is currently working on his solo project and demos of 4 tracks are currently streaming at Myspace. This is a little too close to “dansk pop” for my taste, but nonetheless I’ll pay close attention to how this develops.

Danish trio Spion impressed me quite a lot two years ago with their fine EP Tynd Is. Especially the title track was an amazing piece, and arguably featured some of the finest drumming this side of Mew. The band has recorded 4 new tracks, which are currently streaming at Myspace, but unfortunately they don’t quite reach the glorious heights of previous recordings.
+ Tynd Is

In a comment posted yesterday Danielle recommends Compute (a project masterminded by Ulrika Mild, but the live version features Liechtenstein lead singer Renée) and compares it to Kraftwerk and The Knife (but judge that yourself). But I do find the songs quite appealing despite being absolutely no fan of The Knife.
+ All Walk By

Italians My Awesome Mixtape are offering their new (and bloody fine) EP Other Houses as a free download to help promoting their album How Could a Village Turn Into a Town, which will be out on 42 Records in September.
+ Me & The Washing Machine


Chris said...

happy holiday then (I assume). Enjoy it, and give my regards to the Girls Club! R-Y-S

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