August 14, 2009


Not feeling all that well today so should be interesting to see what today’s post turns out to be like.

Have streamed the four lastbandalive tracks over at over and over since mentioning the band in yesterday’s post. Still no news on the EP though. Recall seeing lastbandalive at this year’s Start! Festival and how I thought they sounded like “the best band in the world” through the first three or four songs. Unfortunately that impression didn’t last and I don’t think I even stayed and watched the performance till the end. The band will be playing at the Start! Festival after party at PH Caféen in Copenhagen on August 29 and I would be there if I wasn’t going to Lolland for a few days with some of my most childish friends.

Another concert I won’t attend after all is the Crunchy Frog 15 year anniversary party, as I had forgotten that we are going to a birthday party. Unless magic occurs and EPO-555 decides to reform at some later stage, this sadly means no EPO-555 concert for me in this life.

Rikke (Blaa Vinyl) sent a message yesterday appraising La La Naïve and suggesting that I should check out another Danish duo, Bodebrixen, as the two acts are somewhat connected (helping each other out when playing live etc.). I’m aware that I should have checked out the music of Bodebrixen ages ago (there has been some hype), but I’m afraid I opted not to. But luckily Mr. Bode and Mr. Brixen have finally been introduced to me and 10 seconds into the first track I realized that this is something that I’m going to enjoy immensely. Naive indie pop tunes oozing of Swedish influences always seem to be a winning formula and in this case it’s no different as I’m literally blown away. A self-titled album was released last year, but is currently being rerecorded, remixed and will be rereleased (lots of re’s) in October. Sign me up for a copy!
+ Keychain

Rounding out today’s post; Jonas has compiled an extensive list of all (?) references in Entakt lyrics. You definitely need to understand Danish to fully appreciate this “master list”, but not necessarily to enjoy the band’s fine songs.
+ Kunsten af Slippe Taget
+ Orkestret Med Det Blotlagte Skelet

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