August 17, 2009


The eagerly awaited Mew album No More Stories is out today. I’m probably one of the very few, who has yet to listen to it, but I’ll snap up a copy, as soon as the working day is over. Reviewers seem to adore the album and the average rating of the 7 reviews compiled by Gaffa is 5.6 stars out of 6.

Indicater Records has a new (download only) compilation out. 19 indie pop/rock tracks for €8 seem more than reasonable to me; especially if the other 18 songs are of the same caliber as this promo track by Irish trio Sweet Jane.
+ Sweet JaneBlackboots and Blackhearts

You’ve probably already streamed the new The Pains of Being Pure at Heart track over at Pitchfork? It can be heard at Myspace as well, if you (just like me) happen to be no fan of Pitchfork. I’m really not a fan of streaming either! But the song is mighty fine though.

Californian electro pop duo Electric Valentine offers their new single Beat Drop as free download. It’s taken from the duo’s debut album Automatic (out tomorrow August 18) and is a fairly catchy yet rather harmless pop tune.
+ Beat Drop

My inbox is one big mess and I’m once again reading, downloading, listening, deleting etc. And yet once again I’m equally amazed and frustrated how much junk is mailed to me.

Is today’s track of the day irresistibly catchy or simply one of the cheesiest pop songs you’ve ever heard?
+ The Chop Chop Family - You Used To Be So Indie


Parklife said...

Actually I have to admit that I don't really like the new Mew-album. There aren't as much really "hateable" songs on it like on "...kites", but there are no hits to be found either (except "Repeaterbeater" perhaps)... I'd rate the album at 2.5-3 / 6 ...

Unknown said...

I didn't really expect you to like it..."hateable"? Kites was monster and much better than Frengers ;-)

Parklife said...

Ahh, no - Frengers is perfect. "She spider" and "Snow brigade" and "Comforting sounds" are unforgettable masterpieces, and most of the other songs on this album are great too. On "Kites" there were exactly three good songs ("Apocalypso", "The zookeeper's boy" and "Special"), the rest (to me) was more or less mediocre... And the new album, well... apart from "Repeaterbeater" no song is sticking out. Maybe the boys should reconcentrate on writing memorable melodies again (instead of trying to create "art"). :-)

Parklife said...

And I'm not the only one who isn't impressed with the new album:


Unknown said...

You're not alone ;-) Perhaps they forgot how to write those catchy songs and turned to art creation instead? Actually I'm quite enjoying No More Stories and just like Kites I'm certain it will grow for every listen!

Anonymous said...

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