August 18, 2009

No more...whining and rambling...

If you check my profile today, you’ll see nothing but Mew. No More Stories is, pretty much as I expected, not an immediate winner, but neither was And The Glass Handed Kites, so I feel confident that sufficient listens will turn this into another masterpiece.
+ Repeaterbeater

Anyone remember this post? Obviously I remember it very well, as it was probably written with more heart blood than any other post in the history of this blog. Indirectly brought back to my attention yesterday, when I was checking older mails and found a link for yet another remix of a Doves track, as it was the Still Going remix of Kingdom of Rust that caused me getting increased heart pressure back then. But a remix I found yesterday and even though that Sasha's Subsubdubdub remix of Jetstream is pretty awful and does nothing for the song except ruining it, I’ve decided to post it; simply for no other reason than to see if the eyes of IFPI are still watching my every move. Just for the record. The remix has been okayed for posting; what did you expect? I’m not THAT brave!
+ Jetstream (Sasha's Subsubdubdub remix)

Be a sport and follow Hits In The Car on NetworkedBlogs. A big "Thank You" to those already following!

More whining. Last year I unsuccessfully tried to get press accreditation for Start! Festival (called Vesterbro Festival back then), and didn’t even bothered applying for it this year. Then yesterday I received a mail from the bigger and certainly more interesting, but in Germany located Reeperbahn Festival, in which they encourage me (and everyone else receiving the mail) to send an accreditation request. Hopefully Start! will be inspired next year and “start” looking at bloggers as an attractive way to help promoting their festival.

And even more whining (will this ever end?). lastbandalive has just informed me that copies of their EP are no longer available. I’m devastated.


Anonymous said...

I can understand your disappointment over the lastbandalive EP... I've been playing 'The Mexico Of Europe' like mad since you linked it. Great tune and I'll be gutted if I don't find an MP3 one day!

Unknown said...

Yeah - news doesn't get much worse than that. But great to hear that you like the song! In case you haven't done so already, I suggest you stream the other 3 tracks by lba at Equally impressive stuff!