January 8, 2010

News from the Valley...

Following Christmas and New Year’s where the flow of interesting mails stalled completely and the number of visitors to the blog nosedived (can something already incredibly low actually nosedive?), things have finally started to heat up again. The past 24 hours a string of interesting mails have arrived, but since this is the time of year, where I’m actually worth my salary at work, keeping up with it all is quite a challenge. But I’ll try to work my way through everything step by step and hopefully I’ll eventually get around checking it all out. First out is this brand new recording by Death Valley Sleepers, and as always it’s a great joy to hear news (any news) from Mr. Winberg and his project. All regulars are probably familiar with (and fans of) Death Valley Sleepers by now and if you hoped for any surprises or changes, you’re bound to be disappointed, as Turn Out The Light follows smoothly in the wake of previous recordings. So for the billionth time I'm going to use that old description (cliché?) that Death Valley Sleepers sounds like The Velvet Underground meeting The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Raveonettes, as it remains quite accurate and therefore can see no point in trying to come with something better. Though I do have to "borrow" a quote from Facebook, where someone used the phrase “timeless spaciousness”, which describes incredibly well how 5 decades of inspiration are blended together in the music! Should you happen to enjoy what you’re hearing and want more; holler and I’ll re-post some of the older recordings.
+ Turn Out The Light

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