January 11, 2010


My to-do-list just keeps growing and growing, so time for some catching up!

I have promised myself that I need to come up with a better description of the music of Death Valley Sleepers. The new song is definitely more inspired by various 60’s bands than by The Raveonettes, so I believe time has come to re-discover my creative vein (if I've ever had any).
+ Turn Out The Light

Ginger Ninja doesn’t have an official webpage, but has a Myspace profile instead, which has just been updated. A clock is counting down the days (hours etc.) until the band’s debut album is release. Exactly 13 days, 8 hours, 51 minutes and 57 sec..no...56...hang on...55 seconds...oh well...a little more than 13 days left!!

So far information is sparse, but new Danish indie pop festival Copenhagen Popfest will take place from April 16 to April 18.

French band Exsonvaldes are giving away a brand new track from their forthcoming album There’s No Place Like Homes.
+ Everything I See

And though they split up some time ago, Swedish band Kamera shares a remix of the track Asleep.
+ Asleep (Prada Means No Harm Remix)

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