April 16, 2010


Who would have possibly thought that a volcano in Iceland could end up having an impact on Copenhagen Popfest? But the ash cloud created by the volcano eruption at Eyjafjallajökull has lead to a cancellation of all air traffic in and out of Denmark today (actually no one seems to have any idea, when the airspace over Denmark is going to re-open) and consequently forced a trio of bands to pull out of the event, because of those cancelled flights. Equally bad is the string of foreign visitors, who won’t be coming either for the exact same reason. Nature probably doesn’t care, but your timing really sucks!

But the Popfest will still take place, despite the pull-outs the line-up remains competent and there should be plenty of tickets available. So why not show up (if you happen to be in Copenhagen anyway)?

And now to something completely different....a few songs...

Labrador shares the brand new and really fine single The Night Before The Funeral by The Mary Onettes. The band sounds very much like itself on this one, which I guess is quite a quality stamp!
+ The Night Before The Funeral

Plus offers free download of yet another (the third) track from the very soon to be released Clinging to a Scheme album!
+ Never Follow Suit

New song Heart Stab by Champagne Riot is now streaming at Myspace. As well as a new version of The Champagne Anthem (old version posted below).
+ The Champagne Anthem (first version)


Francois said...

Really enjoyed the Mary Onette song...

evan said...

Funniest post title of the week!