February 9, 2008

The Mail Department...

I need to do something about my mailbox. I seriously do. +700 mails are residing there and it certainly doesn't look as if I'll be able to work my way through them any time soon. The mails can be divided into several promo mails, some blog comments, more promo mails, a few Facebook messages, another bunch of promo mails, numerous music recommendations received from Chris, Peter, Rodolfo and J.A. as well as (you've already guessed it) a few more promo mails.

If you happen to be a regular visitor, you probably know by now that I'm a fan of the Canadian blog Chromewaves and yesterday I found the great news there that The Radio Dept. will be releasing their third album in May. I guess I was one of the few living souls who actually thought that Pet Grief was better than Lesser Matters, so it will be quiet interesting to hear in which direction the band has decided to move this time. The info was published in the band's Myspace blog on February 6, which made me go through my list of blog supscriptions or more exactly those lacking.
+ Why Won't You Talk About It?
+ The Worst Taste In Music

Gaffa isn't exactly impressed by The Storm.

On February 18 the Velour album Undress Your Alibis will finally be released in Denmark. The timing isn't perfect as this is an album filled with the sound of summer. But the boys have been looking forward to this moment for more than two years, so I guess they cannot allow themselves to be too picky about the date.
+ If You Really Want Me

Danish electronic rock act VETO will release their second album (to be called Crushing Digits) on May 5.
+ You Are a Knife

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