February 18, 2008

Monday shorties...

This week’s track over at One Weekly Gun ironically “celebrates” that the Hollywood writers are back at work again. I might be mistaken, but don’t the opening seconds of the track sound like a small homage to Indiana Jones??
+ Horray for Hollywood

Peter recommends BREUMM.

The new excellent single by Mono Taxi called We Wanna Get Some Real Fun will be out on Ciao Ketchup Recordings on April 7. Very accurately described as "their punchiest yet!".
+ We Wanna Get Some Real Fun

Following this performance on the Danish Radio program De Sorte Spejdere last month, Yoav's concert in Denmark quickly sold out (at least so I've been told):

+ Club Thing
+ Club Thing (RAC Remix)


Parklife said...
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Parklife said...

Unfortunately, the Mono Taxi download isn't working at the moment (I guess there are some problems at boxstr.com)...

Unknown said...

Hmm - unfortunately you're right :( Everything was working fine last night, but hopefully it'll be working soon (crossing my fingers)!