December 12, 2008

Your name will ring a bell again tonight...

Unless you’re a complete stranger to this blog, you probably know by now that I’m going to see moi Caprice/No & The Maybes at Toldkammeret tonight. As always it will be highly interesting to see the number of people showing up, as my (otherwise lovely) hometown never seems to be very good at embracing upcoming or little-known bands. In a way you can say that my hopes for tonight are split in two. Obviously it will be great if lots of people show up, which should improve the chances of either band returning some other time. Or perhaps even better encourage other bands to (at least) consider Helsingør as a serious option, when planning their tours. But on the other hand it’s always a cool and very intimate experience, when hardly anyone shows up, though this has to be extremely frustrating for the band(s). So as much as I’m hoping for a big crowd tonight, I feel rather certain that it will be an experience for the few.
+ To The Lighthouse
+ Drama Queen

The 38th song of the year by One Weekly Gun has been posted. He’s done an admirable job and now we’re all waiting for that New Years treat!
+ Seven Things I Hate

Nearly laughed my ass off. Just received a promo mail suggesting that I should check out the new track Just Impolite by Plushgun. Please, please, pretty please, check the mail guidelines before sending any promo mails. The person responsible for this definitely hasn’t wasted 10 seconds checking the blog before mailing. Otherwise she would have learned that I’ve featured the track in 3 (1,2,3) different blogposts as well as in this Støj På Frekvensen post. Frustrations aside, I do love the track immensely and don’t mind at all posting it once again!
+ Just Impolite

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Anonymous said...

Wooowww! I saw MOI CAPRICE in concert this year in Spain!
It was AMAZING!!!
Enjoy tonight! ;)