February 8, 2012


Business as usual, I guess? Everyone’s going on about how the new Burning Hearts’s album is finally here and ignorant me has little clue about what’s happening. So of course my first reaction is: WHAT! Is this something we’ve been waiting for? Then I check the archives, wind back the clock three years and suddenly remember that I actually enjoyed  the debut album Aboa Sleeping immensely. And now that I’ve listened to Extinctions a few times, I fully understand the micro-hype and am cursing myself (just a little bit) for not having giving myself the opportunity to experience the thrill it is to be looking forward to what will hopefully be a brilliant album! And furthermore experience how all my expectations are met, when it turns out that the album is in fact brilliant. So once again Burning Hearts have been importing songs "directly from the indie pop heaven" and trust me; whenever the third album comes out, I'll be ready...

Burn burn burn by Burning Hearts

+ Into The Wilderness
+ Night Animal (from Night Animal 7")
+ I Lost My Colour Vision (from Aboa Sleeping)
+ Sea Birds (from Aboa Sleeping)

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