October 9, 2009

Assembly line...

Spleen United has re-launched their webpage. I cannot really figure out if there's supposed to be a deeper meaning to it, except showing a few short and rather fuzzy video clips and providing us with some external links. Reload the page (press VIII) and a new clip will pop up (I believe there’s a total of 5 different ones). I know complaining has sort of become my trademark, but I’d much rather have a less fancy and more informative site instead (obviously) including a few free downloads (remixes, covers or something like that)! The band will soon be playing a few dates in the US (check their Myspace for exact dates), and just like the previous time the band spent some time “over there”, I strongly recommend that you go see them.
+ Running Up That Hill (Kath Bush cover with The William Blakes)

I've heard some rather trustworthy rumors that Northern Portrait has finished the recordings of their debut album Criminal Art Lovers. But still, these are just rumors; nothing more!
+ Crazy

Obscure Sound has posted a lengthy review, probably containing more words than I’d write in a month, of the soon to be released UltraChorus debut album Ultra-Def. First promo track of the album Words Kept Talking was an instant favorite way back in March, so nice to learn that the rest should be equally great. If Mike’s review is to be trusted of course!
+ Words Kept Talking

BandBase.dk track of the day
is Robin Parts by As In RebekkaMaria. The song is based upon Symphony No. 2 by Danish composer Carl Nielsen and is this month's featured remix at mixtoverdener.dk.
+ Robin Parts

Chris is doing a great job getting his blog Music Of The Moment back up and running. Today's post on Scottish trio AirSpiel is well worth reading.

The new album Whatsinsideswhatsoutside by Bodebrixen will be released on Monday. According to this newspaper article, the album will be free to download from the band's webpage in an attempt to attract more listeners.


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